BA WMN Website Launch

Just in time for its 10th Anniversary Celebration, BAWMN is proud to announce the launch of our new Web site. Expanding our Web presence is part of an effort to better connect our members and support the careers of women in biological anthropology.  Beginning with the Mentoring Circle Initiative and monthly Member Profiles, new features will be added in response to member demand. The BAWMN Steering Committee welcomes your suggestions.

Mentoring Circle Initiative

BAWMN is launching a semi-formal mentoring network designed to connect groups of women in biological anthropology (“circles”) with similar professional interests or goals. The goal of this program is to foster interaction outside of annual meetings and connect members through virtual mentoring opportunities.

BAWMN has chosen the group mentoring model because:

  1. No single mentor can fulfill all needs of a mentee.
  2. All members have equal power and investment in the relationship.
  3. All members benefit mutually.

BAWMN is creating a database of members interested in joining a mentoring circle.  Details on forming a mentoring circle, guidelines for holding virtual mentoring meetings, and opportunities to meet at the 2019 AAPA meetings are forthcoming.

The deadline to complete the membership survey is FEBRUARY 15, 2019.